Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We are glad to announce that in 2010 there will be held the 10th International Vilnius Conference on Probability and Mathematical Statistics. For almost four decades Vilnius conferences had provided important venue for our science, especially before the collapse of Soviet Union, when the relations between scientists from "East" and "West" were restricted.

We hope that the 10th conference, celebrating this small jubilee, will provide a forum for the international exchange of knowledge among scientists and give an impulse for international relations between participants, statistical societies and other scientific organizations.

The meeting will follow the well established pattern of Vilnius conferences with a few plenary talks and sessions on important subfields.

Prof. Vygantas Paulauskas
Chairman of Organizing Committee

Important Information

Vilnius conference 2010 is over.
Thank you all for your participation and contnribution!

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Conference proceedings should be sent to Prof. Hab. Dr. Vygantas Paulauskas at vygantas.paulauskas@mif.vu.lt until September 1st.

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